What is Hypnokink?


What exactly is hypnokink, or erotic hypnosis? You may have an idea from the movies of what it might be, a seductive person taking control of the minds of their subjects and using them however they want. Think Poison Ivy in Batman, for example.

The reality is somewhat different. This isn’t mind control, though that doesn’t mean it can’t affect your mind!

Erotic Hypnosis is the intersection between focus, relaxation, meditation, and arousal. It’s psychological sexuality, lovemaking of the mind.

What does that mean in practice?


Hypnosis is a means to bring someone into a trance state, a state of extreme focus, often to the point of eschewing what’s going on around them. You may have the idea that hypnosis is like sleep, but that’s only partially true. It’s actually a state of almost total focus on a single thing, for example the voice of the hypnotist or the concept they’re introducing to you.

A hypnotist helps to guide you into this state through an induction, often verbal but sometimes visual or even through touch. The induction brings the subject into that state of trance by helping them direct their focus on what they and the hypnotist agree to.

In that state, you aren’t asleep, but you are (usually) relaxed and calm, and it can feel a little like sleeping or having a dream. You’re also far more open to suggestion in this state, which allows the hypnotist to bypass the ‘conscious’ mind – the rational, thinking, logical part of you that makes decisions, and speak directly to the ‘subconscious’, the part of your mind that acts automatically, on instinct.

Do be aware that hypnosis, trance, and all the assorted feelings and states vary individually. How you experience it may be very different to how someone else does. There is no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis, as long as you’re enjoying it and are safe.

But that’s just hypnosis, and you’re here for erotic hypnosis, or hypnokink, however you want to describe it.


Erotic Hypnosis takes the ideas from clinical and recreational hypnosis, and uses them to induce that same suggestibility, in order to stimulate, excite, and arouse primarily, but also for other physical sensations, or specific fetishes. It can give you a hands-free orgasm, or chain you to your bed. Mostly, it’s just a way to explore a scene in your mind, driving your imagination wild and igniting your desire.

When you engage in erotic hypnosis, you allow the hypnotist to bring you into a trance state in order to achieve a specific fetish or fantasy. For example, your hypnotist may bring you into trance, and create a trigger, a phrase, image, sound or other stimulus that elicits a specific reaction that can even affect you out of trance. A trigger that makes you aroused by a certain word or being touched in a place on your body is a great example.

That’s just one way to use erotic hypnosis. A hypnotist can build elaborate worlds in your imagination, almost like you’re being told a story in which you’re the main character. A tactile experience which can be used to fulfil a fantasy. Your hypnotist can make you feel as though you’re being made more submissive, or more aroused, more desperate for a specific sensation. There’s a huge amount of variety to erotic hypnosis, and between files and one-on-one sessions your biggest fantasy has probably been explored already!

Hypnokink can be practiced with a partner, or alone with files – such as mine! Which ones work for you can vary based on your personal taste, preference, and needs. Some people like a slow voice with lots of pauses, others like relentless speaking and layered audio full of effects. What you enjoy will largely define who you engage with, which hypnotist clicks with you. For some, hypnosis is the fetish, for others it’s a means to an end, a way to unlock feelings or fantasies that are otherwise difficult to enjoy.

It’s important to remember that there is a fine line between actual hypnosis and audio roleplay – and often those lines are blurred, so while you may not always experience trance, you can find amazing, arousing audios that will give you a great time regardless! Knowing the difference is quite important, as you need to know what to expect going in – so make sure you’re clear on what you’re about to listen to, and learn how hypnosis and hypnokink work before diving too deep.


Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in kink, allowing the hypnotist and subject to explore fantasies that delve deep into the subconscious, bypassing inhibition and stress. It makes for a relaxing and intimate experience, but it does require some understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. Practicing hypnokink as a subject particularly requires you to understand agency.

Subject agency is your own ability to decide what your limits are, to set mental boundaries, and keep yourself safe. Remember, hypnosis isn’t mind control. You can stop a file as you would an audio book, or in a live session, use safewords and communicate with your hypnotist. However, hypnosis can lower your inhibitions, similar to being tipsy, especially when arousal is involved. It’s important that as a subject, you take care to read file descriptions clearly, or negotiate and build trust with your hypnotist in a physical or online environment.

If you’re careful, and avoid anything that may be upsetting or harmful to you personally, you’ll have a great time with erotic hypnosis, so don’t be scared! Just be sure you’re exercising your agency, and staying safe particularly with one-on-one interactions. Trust your instincts – if something feels suspicious or concerning, pay attention to that feeling.

For my content, I focus on ‘scenes’. You may be familiar with that phrase in a kink sense. Scenes are temporary engagements with a partner where you explore a specific fetish and afterward, you are back to normal. It’s a fantasy, an escape. Files are a great way to explore erotic hypnosis in a mostly safe way, and you can let your imagination take control and explore everything from dominant and submissive encounters to being seduced by an alien from another galaxy or an evil monster!

Of course, you’ll find things like triggers that last beyond the file or session, and longer-lasting conditioning in file series, so make sure what you listen to aligns to your interest. This kind of kink, as with many other things, can lead to unhealthy practices and feelings of addiction or dependency. If you feel at all that erotic hypnosis is negatively impacting you on a personal level, take a break from it.

If you just want to reset and remove suggestions and triggers, you can do that with my Trigger Removal file.


Erotic hypnosis is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding way to experience sexual pleasure. It allows you to feel things you may never otherwise have a chance to, lets you open your mind to ideas and fetishes in a safe way, and gives you a chance to embrace your imagination in a sexual setting. It’s truly wonderful, so please, however you experience it, whether with me or someone else, have fun!