100 Erotic Hypnosis Prompts

Hi! I’m Mistress Calia, and I make hypnokink content. If you don’t know me, you can listen to all my content right here, or subscribe on YouTube!

I put together this list of prompts to help you create erotic hypnosis scenes, inductions, files, or stories. You’re free to use them as you see fit, and crediting me for the idea is optional but appreciated! 

I’ve divided the list into sections under a number of headings, so you can find ones on a theme that you’d like to explore. Some will be very direct, some silly, some more suited to roleplay. I hope you find these erotic hypnosis ideas useful!

Disclaimers: Some of these hypnosis ideas will inevitably already exist in some form. I can’t seek out every hypnotist, hypnokink creator, and enthusiast to check! It’s also extremely likely I’ll use some of these ideas myself in the future – but I don’t mind hearing different takes on these things. If you use any of these ideas with someone, please discuss beforehand and acquire their full consent. 


The DescentCombining a countdown with a descent is a simple, powerful visual. To pull it off, just put the subject on an airplane, descending to land in a deep sleep. Count down in hundreds as the altitude drops. You can go from 10,000 feet for a 100 point countdown to really drop them.
Scrambled EggsDescribing the process of making scrambled eggs as a means to induce trance and ‘scramble’ the subject’s mind/thoughts.
The ToolboxDetail taking the ‘tools of the trade’ from a toolbox. Have the subject visualize it, and remark on how each one can affect their minds. The screwdriver to loosen their thoughts, the vice to grip their memories. The object focus can match the Betty Erickson 3-2-1 induction.
Ice CreamYour subject pictures an ice cream on a warm day. As it melts, their thoughts melt with it, until finally, a large drop falls to the ground, and they fall into trance as they picture it landing. Nice for anything with hot/cold play. 
BrainwashingSimple, and easy to do – have your subject imagine a washing machine spinning around and around. It speeds up to send them down into trance, or slows down to have them relax into it. You can use it to set up brainwashing scenarios, or just as a simple, spiral-type induction.
Pen ClickThe sound of a clicking pen can be used to great effect, same as finger snaps, but this one feels a bit more covert, and if used as a trigger later, you can drop someone into trance suddenly and unexpectedly with a click. It’s a fantastic tool for fractionation too, up and down depending on if the clicker is up or down.
Lava LampA visual focus, you can have the subject look at or picture a lava lamp and slowly have them start to focus on one floating wax blob, sending them deeper as it bounces around the lamp, or dropping them when it goes up and back down. 
It Won’t WorkYour subject may think hypnosis doesn’t work or have doubts. Play into them, and use a confusion style to trance them. How? By overwhelming them with reasons they can’t trance, and repetition. You can’t trance because hypnosis is fake. You can’t trance because you’re not focused. You can’t trance because you’re wide awake. You can’t trance because you’re too tired. You’ll overload their mind, and have them dropping in no time.
MultiplicationBasically, play 2048. Keep multiplying numbers, up and up, until your subject has to really think to get to the next one. Have them focus hard on each equation, and when you know they’re struggling and using all their brainpower on it, give them a countdown… if they don’t get the answer in 10 seconds, they’ll fall into trance. Repeat that if they do get there.
Page TurnerHave a book in front of you – you can even hide some hypno notes (hypnotes?) inside for your reference, and start flicking the pages rhythmically. Get your subject to focus on that sound, and how reading is relaxing, a great way to wind down… soon the flicking pages will drop them into a trance in moments.

Roleplay Scenarios

Mile High ClubOne to pair with the Descent induction – or even reverse it. A trance on a plane leading to an erotic scenario of breathless, high-altitude fun with a fellow passenger, or member of the crew.
ATM FractionationA scenario where the hypnotist uses fractionation to induce multiple mini trances, each one revealing a digit of a PIN code, or card number. One for findom, or spy fantasies.
The SheriffYour subject, the wanted outlaw, is captured by you, the sheriff – or vice versa! A hypnotic battle of wits really, to see who wins, rebellion or authority. A fabulously fun way to practice resistance play.
Scam CallYou, the hypnotist, are a caller trying to keep your subject on the line to get all their details, or have them do something for blackmail, or just to give them a sexy experience. The action is yours to decide, just focus on them needing to resist, but they can’t actually hang up…
SculptorYou, the hypnotist, are chiseling away at your subject – can even be the induction – to sculpt them into the perfect submissive, or slave, or whatever you want them to be. You chip away at their fears, doubts, worries, and let them all fall away until they’ve been molded into what you want.
Alien InvaderWho doesn’t want to get into bed with a sexy alien trying to seduce the world into surrender? Your subject can be your first victim, and engage in some resistance play as they try to stop your alien powers… the ones you tranced them to fall for! 
PrisonerYou can be the prisoner seducing the guard, or the guard teasing the prisoner – either way, focus the hypnosis on getting them mentally handcuffed, and then tease them mercilessly when they can’t move their hands, and their wrists are clamped together. 
Personal AssistantLike the prisoner, you can take either the boss role, or the assistant. Ultimately this is a service fantasy, where you hypnotize the subject to do anything you like, or to use you however they like. It’s simple, sexy, and effective, and the workplace scenario gives it extra spice.
Poison IvyLook, lots of people got into this kink because of her. A green outfit is all you really need to get them in the right mindset, but a little extra perfume or cologne can be the ‘pheremones’ you need to sell this – each spray making them weaker, and more obedient to you.
AI RobotAfter your subject wakes from trance, they fully believe they’re an artificial intelligence, designed to give you anything you want. This is such a fun way to have someone drop their inhibitions – they simply have to obey, they’re a machine!

Cozy Trances

BathtimeSimple and as sexy as you want it to be. A warm, wet, relaxing bath. Lots of talk about bubbles and soap and suds and scents, but also slippery skin and softness if you want it. A lovely one for couples to relax with.
Hot Air BalloonFloating up on a hot air balloon is a really simple induction to work with, it’s slow and safe and feels very peaceful. Up in the imaginary air, your subject can also feel alone with you – but a little seen. So nice for the shy exhibitionist.
The GigglesI love the simplicity of having a trigger that can make someone giggle. It’s not so erotic per se, but that kind of fun, gentle thing can be a great intro to hypnosis as erotic fun, and a bit of an ice breaker for getting started.
Hot ChocolateThe feeling of drinking warm, sweet liquid is such a lovely way to help someone relax. That hint of warmth in their belly, spreading out to other areas – you can make that sexual or not, but the key is to match the sweetness of you or your voice, with the sweetness of the chocolate.
PettingPet play or just gentle play, this one is about giving your subject a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and joy when you stroke their hair or their body. The feeling of just loving that touch is really nice and cozy, and while they probably do anyway, giving that extra permission to enjoy it can work wonders. 
Nap TimeCouldn’t we all just use a rest? So why not give your subject that feeling, just give them a trigger for use when you know they just need to curl up with you and doze off with their head resting on your lap. A really safe, cozy and gentle trigger – give them a wakener too so they don’t miss anything!
Fairy DustA really cute one to use a prop with – get some glitter, or even flour (be prepared to vacuum a lot after) and remind your subject that every time you sprinkle it over them they get sleepier, or happier, or dumber. Whatever works really! Props can be a really fun way to make the experience tactile.
SitcomNothing feels safe and familiar like a sitcom, and you can give your subject that experience of you with a similar technique – a laugh track. Your laugh becomes a trigger for them, when they hear it, they feel safe, warm, and loved, and soon they’ll be trying to make you smile all day.
Voracious ReaderIt’s hard to find time to check out a good book, so give your subject a hand. Let them feel an intense sense of satisfaction, pleasure, or other reward if they finish a chapter. You can even have them come to you for a more physical reward. Reading is fundamental, after all.
MossTouching moss is lovely, it’s soft and squishy, just like your subject’s mind, right? So get them touching some moss and relaxing into that cozycore cottage-y toadstool aesthetic feeling with something sweet and tactile that can be damp and dirty if you like too.

Post-Hypnotic Fun

Binary BotIntroduce the idea the subject is a robot – and can only speak in binary code; ones and zeroes. Suggest that after trance, they can only react to your questions in binary. Ask yes or no questions, and have 1 be yes, and 0 be no for best results and no confusion.
BooYou know those ghosts in Super Mario that can’t move unless you look away? Your subject has the same problem. After trance, they can only move if you are looking away from them. This can be used for pure silly fun, or to freeze them for touching in a sexual setting.
Keep TalkingAfter trance, your subject cannot stop talking. That can be about anything, or more pointed. You can have them confessing their deepest fantasies, professing their undying love, or just listing every type of pasta. If they stop talking, they drop back into trance!
PhotographerLeaving someone with the suggestion they’re a photographer, and you’re their model is a fun way to have them fawn over you. Bonus points if you can have them forget that it’s happened, so they have some serious blue steel poses from their ‘tist on their camera roll without explanation.
StrippingDo this one in private only. Your subject, after trance, acts entirely normally, as if nothing happened, but also strips naked without realizing. From there, you can enjoy pointing it out, or enjoy looking. Just make sure they’re comfortable with it! 
High GravityYour subject is convinced that gravity has increased, and they are being pulled down by an invisible pressure, making it hard to stand or get back up. It’s possible this can be a pseudo-bondage concept, but better to pair it with a task – like retrieving a usually light object. 
Touch GrassA simple one that might suit anyone with a foot fetish – your subject must remove their shoes, and touch grass. That means going outside, potentially, or you can have the ‘grass’ be the living room carpet. The goal is a tactile experience with their feet. 
CheerleaderA simple trigger, a word like ‘pep’ can activate your subject into becoming a cheerleader – doing a dance routine and a cheer to match. They could L-O-V-E you or be M-I-N-D-L-E-S-S. Either way they’ll look cute in a miniskirt. 
Sex TapeAfter your subject wakes up, they think they’re making a sex tape with you, and while enjoying the fun of that erotic encounter, they play to an imaginary camera, showing off how amazing they are in bed and giving you the time of your life. 
Volume ControlYour subject is given the command while under trance that when music is playing, they are awake, when it is not, they go back under trance – but in between the volume decides how awake they feel. And you, of course, control the volume of that music. Use something relaxing to make the effect work best – this isn’t the time for your Ska records.

Dark Fantasies

PoisonedYour subject is introduced to the idea they have been injected with, or swallowed a poison, and on waking, they will seek out whatever the cure is. That can be a body part of yours, a bodily fluid, or something silly, but this works best if the cure is them performing oral sex, to be frank.
AddictionThe subject, simply, becomes your junkie – you create an intense need in them for something from you. Similar to poisoned, but more long-lasting, and more pointed. You can have this be an addiction to a word, an action, wearing an item of clothing, whatever works for you both.
No MouthYour subject is hypnotized to think they have no mouth – they’ll clamp their lips together and if they try to speak it will be mumbles. If you want, you can make them feel as if their mouth is simply not there, or sewn shut. Either way, degrading them when they try to perform oral sex is a deliciously cruel way to enjoy the post-hypnotic part of this one.
Living NightmareYou, the hypnotist, are the subject’s fears come to life. This can get… dark, so be careful – but it’s also a fun resistance play idea if you can pull it off. The fight in their mind between arousal and fear is a fun conceit to play with, just be really, really cautious about their past trauma. Informed consent is essential here.
Pain for PleasureThis is definitely not for everyone, but pain can be pretty fun if you know how to use it. A little goes a long way, and associating it with pleasure is a wonderful feeling for a masochist subject – if you can give them triggers that cause pain/pleasure all the better.
CursedA little curse is always fun. You can curse your subject with anything – but it’s best when it’s either something they want, but can’t get without fulfilling a requirement, or something they don’t want, but are compelled to do, and eventually succumb to.
Voodoo DollNot that dark, but can be used for some pain play if you feel like being nasty. Your subject feels the sensations a doll does – so have the prop ready, and order something that looks the part so they don’t have to watch you give a barbie acupuncture. 
ParasiteThe subject is convinced their mind is being taken over by a nasty parasite that wants to control their thoughts. It’s a touch of identity play without getting too far into it, and you can introduce the things the parasite ‘wants’ in trance, and use post-hypnotic suggestion to have it play out. The parasite might be really horny or like being naked.
ThiefA little touch findom, perhaps, as you hypnotize your subject into giving you something of theirs – preferably in exchange for pleasure. Each item they give up, or just agree to give up, leaves them hornier, weaker, and more vulnerable. You can even steal their clothes. 
SnakeWe all know Kaa is a beloved hypno-trope, so having your subject believe you’re a snake coiling them up in knots is an easy one to sell. It’s at the tamest, hypnotic bondage, and at the most crazy, something seriously scary! 

Physical Sensation

Warm HandsHot/cold play is really fun, especially when it encourages removing some clothing. You can really drive this one by having your subject feel cold, but your hands are warm – so they’ll want you to touch them everywhere and heat them up. 
Spine TinglerPhantom touch can be hard for hypnotist and subject – because it requires a lot of effort on the imagination. Keep it simple with one sensation – a finger going up and down their spine. Each time the finger goes down, they can go deeper, and vice versa, or raise and lower arousal.
Hair WashHands massaging shampoo and water into the head of the subject is so, so relaxing, and can very easily be a sensual experience too, letting them feel as though their mind is being massaged into submission. You can also incorporate brainwashing themes very easily.
Slack JawUnclench your jaw. You feel that right. It’s basically permanently engaged. Having your subject feel that, and then feel relaxed when they stop is a great way to have them settle into a trance with a focus. You can then emphasize the slack jaw with drooling or  tongue lolling. 
Hot WaxDoesn’t hot wax just feel great? Nothing more to say here, have your subject enter trance with a candle induction, and give them a trigger to feel that sudden sting and rush of hot, melting wax landing on their skin, any time. 
Hot SpotGive your subject a new or changed physical location on their body, that is their pleasure center. Instead of the penis or clitoris, it’s now their left elbow or their chin. And then, of course, mercilessly tease them with touches 
SuckerYour subject awakens from trance desperately needing to suck on something. Of course, you get to decide what exactly that is. A lollipop, a finger, a nipple, a cock. Whatever it is, they simply have to suck it, it’s a desperate compulsion for them.
Legs SpreadGet your subject sitting, slouching a bit, and get them into trance and relaxed. That should have their legs widen a bit as they settle. Get them to push that a bit until they’re wide open, and suggest they can’t close their legs, and that having them spread open makes them hornier the longer they’re like that. 
Many HandsUsing some phantom touch suggestions, give your listener the feeling they are being stroked and caressed by your hand, then your other hand, then another… build up until you have hands all over them and they’re writhing in pleasure.
SweatingGetting your subject hot and bothered can be pretty intense, so if you can get them to believe that arousal makes them hotter and hotter, and being hot makes them aroused, they’ll be a sweaty, needy mess in no time… just turn on the heating and see them squirm.

Memory Play

Lost GenitalsThe utterly preposterous notion that your subject cannot find the place they desperately want to touch, or for you to touch. You can even give them the command to do so, only for them to not know what to do. Perfect for tease and denial – especially if you can find it and they can’t
The Porn MovieYour subject is told to remember a moment of their life where they had an intense sexual experience, and to recount it in detail, as if they’re watching it in their mind as a porn movie – describing themselves and the sexual act in intimate detail as a detached observer.
No Such MovieGet your subject to tell you their favorite movie franchise for this one – franchise is essential, it needs pop culture knowledge to exist – references to it in other things. Then, make them forget it. Say they forget Star Wars – show them that Simpsons episode with Mark Hamill and let confusion ensue. 
Memory ThiefThis can work with anything, their name, their age, their PIN code. Just ask them it under trance, and make sure when they wake they know you took that memory and can return it, and you can use that for a fun little sexy blackmail. Want your name back? Work for it.
Dog/Cat SoundWhat if you were to do some pet play… but your pet forgot what the animal they’re playing as sounds like. Wouldn’t that make for some utterly strange and interesting noises? Or desperate silence? Either way, a little unpredictability is fun with memory play.
First LoveConvincing your subject you’re their one and only, and replacing their memories of their first kiss and first sexual encounter with you is a little naughty and a lot dark, but it’s also a really sexy way to get deep into their minds and really, really mess with them. 
RewindA trigger you give your subject essentially turns back time – sending them back say, 10 seconds. So they can say or do whatever to you, for you, and you can then turn back time and have them do it again, or forget it happened. 
Coffee BreakThis is a mid-session one for you – suggest that you should take a quick break to make a cup of coffee to your subject – but only after they come up from a trance where you helpfully removed the location of the coffee beans. Let them rush around trying to find them, to your amusement.
AccentThe subject awakes from trance to find themselves with a whole new accent, because they’ve forgotten theirs. You can suggest what accent they might have now, but it can be more fun to just let them go with whatever comes to mind. 
TeleportationFor your subject, you can do this with fractionation if you like, or just a simple trigger. When they move between rooms, they have no idea that they’ve done it – they know they made it from one to the other, but they can’t remember how they did it. They have teleported. It should hopefully lead to them teleporting into bed with you!

Fun with Tropes

IQ IncreaseIQ reduction is a common theme, but the opposite can be much funnier for the hypnotist – you make your subject feel like they’re a genius. Post-trance asking them questions and them making up nonsense with total confidence is highly amusing. 
Bad PheromonesYour subject is convinced that you not only give off pheromones, but that they’re absolutely repelled by them – despite being extremely excited to be with you. Great for people with kinks related to typically bad smells – sweat, feet, socks, etc.
Time SlippingTake your subject on a mental adventure and convince them that time is effectively meaningless by pointing out the inconsistencies of it – how it moves faster when you’re happy, slower when you anticipate. Then use that confirmation to help them lose time while under trance. Fractionation with time checking in between trances make this a fun way to demonstrate your power – time moves fast in trance, or slow?
Naughty HandsYou’re familiar with having someone’s hand rise up, as if tied to a balloon – but what about their hand go down to their crotch, without their control, or even knowledge. You can even have a little post-hypnotic fun with this – ‘oh you’re, um, touching…’ – and see how they react!
Turned to StoneFreeze triggers are great fun, but they usually just have the subject freeze like in a children’s game. Turning to stone is more gradual – they can kind of fight it, so it’s all the more delicious as you watch them slow to a stop, struggling against it, every time you say their trigger word.
GogglesUse anything to hand for this prop that covers the eyes. Glasses, VR headset, blindfold, whatever. All that matters is that when your subject wears them, they’re completely under your control. Now, your job is to figure out a reason for them to wear it out of trance!
Trance ButtonSimple and fun – give your subject a place on their body that you can press to send them back into trance whenever you want. A boop on the nose, a tap on the forehead, even a kiss on the neck. A great way to surprise someone with a fun time!
Progressive TighteningYou’ve probably heard of progressive relaxation… now your feet and ankles are relaxing. Effective, but you know what’s more fun? Having your subject tighten absolutely everything, slowly tightening every muscle is such a delicious build-up. The absolute bliss when they release that tension could send them into a trance without you even telling them.
Kitchen SinkThere are so many types of induction and ways to drop someone into trance. Why not try all of them? Snap your fingers as you say drop as they stare into your eyes past the pocketwatch you have swinging to the rhythm of the metronome in the background. Throw the kitchen sink at them to overwhelm them with hypno triggers. Most hypnokink fans will be helpless to the onslaught.
OveranalyzerLots of subjects will tell you they’re too analytical or think too much to be hypnotized. Those fools. Use it against them by having them critique and analyze your technique. Make them listen really carefully to it, and talk them into trance. Their focus on you will make it so, so easy. 

General Hypnosis

EarwormThe subject finds a phrase you speak somewhat addictive, like a new song they can’t stop listening to. They’ll desperately want you to keep saying it, and become more and more conditioned to love it. This can be sweet or scary, depending on your approach.
IQ FractionationPlaying off the fractionation hypnosis style, and using fractions as the theme – you keep dividing the subject’s intelligence in each trance, and let them feel stupider and stupider while awake. One quarter as smart… one eighth… And you can go as deep as your mental arithmetic allows.
StiffenLike a freeze trigger but only for one place, like a hand or arm – so you can have your subject playing and then tease with a freeze. A really easy way to drive someone wild with lust, this one can be used in or out of trance too.
Third EyeHaving your subject with eyes closed start to visualize you hypnotizing them can be a powerful tool to alter their perception. Implant the idea that the third eye sees more than they usually could, so you can have them see you in a changing environment, or with extra limbs, or anything really – it’s about unlocking the imagination.
WaterA simple induction that helps with subjects who need a tactile focus. Have them prepare a glass of water, and sip at it. Each sip making them relax a little more. Let them know the water is their resistance, their will, whatever works for the scene, and watch them drink and drop, sip by sip. 
X-Ray SpecsYour subject pictures everyone naked when they wear their glasses, or whatever you give them. Much comedy ensues – particularly if you can have them describing what they see when they wear the glasses, or if you use it to get them horny… even better.
MimeHave your subject imagine themselves as a mime – specifically, trapped inside a box and completely mute. This can be funny, or extremely dominant – they’re trapped, at your mercy, and silent, so you can really go for this one in terms of being in charge. 
Pavlovian ConditioningPavlov trained dogs to salivate on hearing a bell. You can have your subject be similarly trained, using pleasure. Get them horny and worked up, start some touching, and introduce a trigger sound or phrase. Do it often enough, and hearing it will have them instantly aroused.
MoaningHave your subject start associating the phrase ‘moaning’ with pleasure – and then remind them of the other meaning, to complain. Linking these things means that when they’re grumpy and complain, you can have them feel pleasure the more they moan… until they’re really moaning with pleasure.
One Track MindI think people misuse this phrase. A one-track mind doesn’t mean they only think of one thing – it’s that they can’t stop doing that thing, can’t get out of it. It’s inevitable. A train can ‘see’ the area around the track, it simply cannot help but move along the path pre-determined for it. So use that metaphor to focus your subject on what you want from them.

Silly Nonsense

RhymingPair the feeling of pleasure with speaking in rhyme and you’ve got a really funny way to get your subject to increase their enjoyment of the scene by doing something very silly. A great post-hypnotic trigger if you want to do something that will make you both laugh.
BONKYou, hypnotist, are armed with an inflatable hammer, with which you drop your subject deeper with by bonking them on the head every time they get aroused. Thinking sexy thoughts? Bonk, no you’re falling into trance. It’s just stupid enough to work, right?
Like, you know?You give your subject a trigger when they say the word ‘like’ in sentences. Every time they do, they get a littler sillier/stupider, and end up saying like more, until they’re a mindless mess.
FurnitureYour subject is a piece of furniture. But nothing so simple as a footstool. No, make them a bookcase. Then give them a little pleasure trigger when they act accordingly – and see how many books you can stack on them.
Horn-yYou know you can give your subject a different kind of horn? You can make them a rhino or a unicorn – whatever it is, just have them stick their hand on their head and point their index finger forward. They may even feel the need to butt into you, or rut with you… if you’re into it!
NPCAfter leaving trance, your subject is convinced they are a non-player character from a video game. That means they repeat the same lines, and try to offer you quests or items. Perhaps you can even romance them and they give a terribly wooden performance as your lover.
VampireYour subject awakens from trance as a 1,000 year old vampire – nothing sexual, just a chance to see how they’d act with power and immortality and the progressive insanity that’s sure to come with a life that long. I’m sure they’d be sick of pitiful mortals like you,
ConspiracyA really fun way to have your subject act basically like a crackpot, get them to believe a conspiracy you made up. There are nanobots in custard, New Zealand doesn’t exist – something wildly stupid… then see if you can get them to admit their beliefs out of trance!
PirateYahhr, yer subject will awaken from the depths of trance to talk like a sea-sailin’, salty dog! A pirate! They won’t know how to speak like a landlubber no more, so you can enjoy laughin’ at their plight as they search for treasure underneath yer clothes!
Other HandedGet your subject to see their non-dominant as their dominant hand and either in trance or awake, watch them struggle to do usually easy tasks… or have them give you the worst manual sex you’ve ever experienced so you can both have a good chuckle at the whole thing later.