Custom Files

Ever wanted an erotic hypnosis file just for you? Tailored to your needs, your desires and your fantasises? If you have something you’ve always wanted to hear dripping into your ears like honey, then complete this enquiry form.

Custom files take time to write, record, and edit, but a general guideline pricelist is:

– €15/minute for a recording with no name
– €20/minute for a recording with your name
– If your request is extremely specific/personal we can discuss bespoke pricing
– I have a minimum recording duration of five minutes, and max of 15
– One revision request is included in the price.
– You may request to review the script before recording, but this will delay production.
– I can take on two custom files per month, wait times may vary
– All custom files will be shared on patreon, regardless of names used
– You must be over 18 to commission a file

If that sounds exciting, reach out and let’s make the erotic hypnosis experience you’ve been fantasizing about!


I am through the roof!!! This is incredible, possibly the best thing ever created. It is so f***ing good. 1000000 out of 10!

– Brandon

This was amazing! I’ve already listened to it four times. I’m so glad you enjoyed making it. I can’t wait for the next one!

– Peter

Perfect My divine Goddess Calia. PERFECT!

– David

You elaborated on and tied together (in a natural, compelling way) a lot of the themes I mentioned. Very hot.

– Josh