Doomed to Goon

You are doomed eternally to goon yourself into a mindless mess.

This file is pure, unadulterated evil. After a series of polls on twitter, this is what you wanted, so don’t blame me for the results. Once you listen, you’ll be drafted into the goon army, cursed to keep listening over and over. Pleasure matters more than orgasm and you will only be allowed to goon and edge, no cumming. That means forgetting your responsibility, your family and friends, your life. For gooning. Doomed, to goon. Eternally.

CW: This file is pretty mean. This file demands you loop it, and ignore the rest of your life to pleasure yourself all the time and never orgasm.


This file has haptic feedback enabled. To set your device up, use this page.

If you don’t have one, order a haptic-enabled device from Lovense with my affiliate link to help me out!

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