CaliaWare Version 3.0

Let me hack your mind in this immersive experience. If you’re new to CaliaWare, this is a program for PC that takes over your computer with my image and voice. It gives the appearance of a virus, but don’t worry, it’s totally safe to run – all you need to do is download, unzip, and click the edgewaresetup.bat file to get it up and running.

Download now!

You will need to install python to run this program – and it doesn’t make any major changes to your PC, just adding a few shortcuts to your desktop and changing your wallpaper. 

To stop the program, press the ‘e’ key!

Hope you enjoy the experience!

WARNING: This file acts like a virus, but it is safe. However, it can cause performance issues on older PCs. You should also avoid the setting to fill your hard drive, as it can cause PC crashes. Your wallpaper will be changed, no other permanent changes are made.

Previous versions of CaliaWare are available to download here, but may have some performance issues: V1, V2