CaliaQuest is on Steam and Itch!

You may already be able to play my erotic hypnosis game as a browser-based experience here, but now it’s available on major gaming platforms as a fully interactive experience! If you tried the browser version, this has some quality of life improvements such as in-game die rolling and more choice for the player.

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CaliaQuest is a fantasy-themed erotic hypnosis adventure, where your die rolls determine your path through a dangerous world filled with sexy, seductive, and dominant monster girls and humans, who all want to distract you from your quest to reach the Queen!

With 6 chapters in your playthrough, and multiple paths through the story, you’ll be able to replay this many times before you meet all the characters… and that’s if you can even make it to the end without succumbing to the charms of a succubus, demon, slime, or just a devious dungeon guard!

CW: Femdom themed, includes mild degradation