Break – Hands Free Orgasm

Ready to break for me in this hands-free orgasm file?

Join me for a totally new and exciting experience. In this hour and thirteen minute free audio file, you’ll be slowly brought into a deep, but arousing trance, in which you’ll be guided toward a hands-free orgasm. That’s right, a completely free HFO erotic hypnosis audio!

This file includes lots of slow, meditative talk, building to an intense finish that will overload your senses and ultimately cause your mind to break for me, and ending in a delicious climax. 

Of course, there’s no pressure to get there first time, or for this to feel the same as a regular orgasm – in fact, it can be quite different. No matter if you achieve that climax on the first listen, or you never quite get there – that’s ok, you’ll still enjoy this very deep and detailed trance experience with many layers of audio building over its runtime. The HFO element may take some practice, so don’t worry about it, just relax and enjoy this free erotic hypnosis file!

There are no content warnings, no triggers that work outside the file, nothing but pleasure. 

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