CaliaQuest – Ruins

The ruins of an ancient temple seem like a safe place to take a rest as you make your way toward the castle. It’s quiet, and statues of people are strewn about, as if at random. A feeling of dread rises, as you realise you hear someone, or something approach you.

Where To, Adventurer?

How to Play CaliaQuest

To play, all you need is a D20 die, physical or digital, and a pen and paper, or digital notepad or app. This is a classic tabletop roleplaying game, so if you’re familiar with Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, you’ll find it simple to follow.

If not, the game works by giving you challenges to pass with die rolls several times in each chapter. When prompted, you’ll roll a D20 – a 20-sided die, and the result will determine your outcome, and where you travel next.

You start with 10 WP, that’s willpower or will points. Lose them all, and you lose your mind to whatever devious and dangerous hypnotic creature you’re facing. Make it to the end, and you’ll be rewarded. Fail, and you can try again, maybe finding a different path this time!

You’ll need that pen and paper to keep track of them, and the D20 to make checks as you’re accosted by monstrous creatures!

There are six chapters in total, including the one on this page, and with many branching paths, it will take multiple playthroughs to see everything the game has to offer!

The game is a Patreon Exclusive, so if you enjoy the concept and this second chapter, please subscribe for the full experience of this erotic hypnosis game!