Announcing CaliaQuest – Hypnosis RPG

Welcome to a completely new hypnosis experience. A hypnosis roleplaying game where you are the brave hero, on a quest for the Princess. Can you make it through six chapters full of branching paths, monster girls, and seductive women and complete your quest, or will you fall along the way into the wonderful and enchanting spell of some gorgeous creature.

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The game is a bit like Dungeons and Dragons. You use a D20 die to battle against the whim and will of the creatures you encounter, but instead of attacking you, they all want to hypnotize and seduce you! This is the hypnosis RPG that can put you into a trance as you play, and turn you into the love slave of a witch, or the mindless thrall of a vampire!

So grab your dice, or your favourite dice app, your pen and pad, and join me for an erotic adventure into high fantasy roleplay! I play lots of characters with lots of different voices, and I know you’ll find a favourite among them… and maybe lose to her. This is a roleplaying adventure you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s exclusively for patrons, though you can try two chapters for free to get a taste.

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