About Me

Hi, I’m Mistress Calia.

I’m an erotic hypnotist and audio roleplayer from Ireland.

I create hypnotic audio experiences that go from direct, focused femdom hypnosis all the way to wildly unique and creative audio roleplays.

Audio editing, writing and recording are huge passions of mine. I love to create and with an interest in psyschology and sexuality, this is the perfect way to explore my interests and flex my creative muscles.

I write, edit and record all of my content, and publish new files every week.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me here at mistresscalia.com, and I hope you’ll stay and enjoy some of my files.

If you really like them, consider subscribing to me on Patreon for access to all my naughty, NSFW content! There’s a huge amount of hypnosis files there to tease and tantalise you.

Erotic Hypnosis

My primary focus in my content is femdom, sometimes gentle, sometimes not! But I also make purely erotic hypnosis, and detailed, deep roleplays built on layers of sound effects.

My files almost always include binaural layers, and are detailed and multi-faceted. I believe those elements are part of the experience and tailor each file to the theme and tone – that can and often does include lots of audio pumping into your mind for a strong, sexual effect.

You’ll find vanilla content too, aimed to help you relax or focus, but mostly we keep it sexy around here.

I love to explore themes and ideas, from gentle girlfriend experience files to hardcore brainwashing, including video content and occasionally interactive experiences too.

There are some consistent themes in my content though, despite the variety. Masturbation instruction or JOI, femdom, submission and addiction to my voice are common, so if that’s your thing, trust me, you’ll love it here. If not, you may still enjoy the vast number of roleplays I’ve made that deviate from my control and ask only that you accept the power of a character I play for a little while. That can be a nurse, a snake, a supervillain… or anything really!

Where to Begin?

I recommend starting with my new listener section. From there, explore the themes and series that appeal! Search around the site and you’ll find so much to enjoy, and there’s no specific starting point.

If you do want to fall deeper into my control, the Femdom Obsession series is ideal for that, and will implant a series of triggers that help you embrace submission to a powerful woman. It’s some of my best direct femdom hypnosis work.

If there’s something you want to know, but didn’t see here, try my FAQ!


This content is intended to be fantasy and not to be taken as reality.

You are responsible for your own mental health so please be aware of the effects of these files and take your own precautions.

Many files will leave you with feelings of submission, obedience, addiction, and arousal.

By accessing the material I produce you consent to being hypnotised and I am not responsible for any resulting actions or beliefs.